Let's find out what is affecting your looks.  

Many people go through life not realising that what they do may lead to a life of self-loathing, health complications, bad skin, poor self image, being overweight or succession a of diets and gym visits often with little results. 

I'm passionate about seeing people live their best selves so, these are just some of the clients I’m interested in working with. Clients who want to reach balance to look good, feel good and be as healthy as they can. 

 If you have tried everything from will power to starvation, the gym or every diet in the book in an up and down limbo topsy-turvy way. I can help you reach your balance using my teachable methods used by others I've worked with and continue to do for myself; 

I can help you reorganise your mind and your approach to help you reach your goal. Together we will realign your mindfulness, your nutrition and meals, your fitness routines and lifestyle habits to see your beauty look back at you. We will use simple methods to swiftly identify when you may be about to throw yourself off-kilter, not feel happy, or pin-point when something simply isn’t working for you.

I show you ways to quickly stop and take stock

About me
I was that go-to person at school and college and even whilst at University studying for my (BSC hons) this continued throughout work and in my business.  I just seemed to be the person that friends and colleagues came to for all kinds of solutions, guidance and support and now, as a professional, I am a certified Batchelor of Science, a certified nutritionist and an award winning inventor/innovator entrepreneur. My life/work experiences as an entrepreneur for over 15 years, business advisor, a teacher trainer, nutritionist, home organiser, coupled with running my own business has given me scope and depth.  Conjured up with my ancestral African, Caribbean, French, British and Oriental heritage, it is inevitable that food, ancient African and Eastern complimentary medicine and the Caribbean swagger of knowing how to look good influences my practices. I am also the founder of Keep Immaculate the natural anti-ageing skincare line and the Thermal Therapy beauty therapy brand for body tone and youthful skin.   I practice on keeping myself healthy and youthful with wellbeing lifestyle habits, natural products, an emphasis on mindful nutrition, personal development, self-organisation and solutions for my wellness and weight management. I am proud to say that I am a KITT (Keep Immaculate Thermal Therapy) Professional Partner.  When working with my clients, I like to personalise a weight management, beauty and lifestyle plan based on actual concurrent evidence from YOU my client, to create solutions together that uniquely work for you, using my personal experience, my professional and trained knowledge and my strong business network of Complementary Medication Association colleagues and friends (nationally and internationally recognised).

Who are my clients?  My clients range from high ranking CEO's and professionals in corporate roles to lovely mummy's who need to get back their yummy.   They are just like you, they get up everyday to live their lives, in their respective roles and find challenges in feeling, eating and looking better. 

Email me for a copy of my '5 Look after yourself tips' as a gift to you and book a session with me when it feels right.

My Qualifications

See my training, qualifications and awards plus, listen to a testimonial review

Wellbeing Mindfulness

Add organisation to your life for your wellbeing?

Are you fed up of being disorganised with your food, fitness routines, your home surroundings, your lifestyle habits? Once organised, it’s easier to be in control of your habits, weight and lifestyle to improve your daily life and wellbeing.  

I reveal everything you need to know to make it work. I show you tools to help you take stock, detox and declutter your home, add nutrition to your diet or have a clearing conversation giving you the self awareness and confidence to tackle getting back into shape, feeling emotionally fit and healthy

“ I help you feel good in a very short time. 

Don’t worry, you'll quickly realign yourself, I promise! “

Nutrition & Weight loss

 Outwit obsessive cravings difficult to beat? 

If your image is not representing you or your profession as well as you know it could and as a result your health, wellbeing, beauty and happiness is suffering.  

I reveal everything you need to know about the food and drinks you personally should avoid. I will introduce you to your harmful foods, the carbs you need to avoid, and direct you to the food that can help you keep your weight down and maintained.

“ I help you weight manage in a very short time.  

Don’t worry, you will break out of it this time, I promise!” 

Beauty & Trimness

Use smart time to look after your body?

You may have recently let yourself go, may have a job in the public eye, in fashion, media, health & beauty or the wellbeing industry, or you may have recently had a baby.  You could just be 'time poor' and don’t have an opportunity to schedule the gym but feel it’s very important for you to get back into shape.  I can help you without visits to the gym. 

I reveal everything you need to know about looking after your body shape and beauty with a high degree of independence away from the gym. I show you the day-to-day activity levels needed to burn those calories without formal exercise.

“ I help you look good in a very short time. 

Don’t worry, you will snap back I promise! ” 

Other Services
Book a consultation with me
If you are happy to come to my area for an independent or clinic partner consultation, make a booking enquiry with a little note explaining the area(s) you want help with my services and I will contact you within 24 hrs to arrange.

South West London, Richmond (Surrey)
+44 (0)203369 8954
 If you are national or international and would like a virtual consultation via Zoom/WhatApp, contact me and let me know your location and area of interest for consultation and I will contact you within 24hrs. 

Successfully completing a full consultation will lead to weight loss & you will be able to:

•  Work on your wellness requirements with a high degree of independence
•  Be competent to identify if your body is out of integrity 
•  Evaluate and use appropriate foods and products to maintain your health 

 Making bookings

A non-refundable deposit is required for bookings. All prices are inclusive of VAT (where applicable). If you are unable to keep your appointment I do request that you provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice and where possible I will endeavour to reschedule. No-shows or late notification will result in the full price being charged for the booking space.

Cancellations or changes should be made with the booking clinic partner or by calling 020 3369 8954 and leaving a message for Lydia

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